Advanced Home Study Course Volume 2

$ 24.99

This video contains the four requirements (per rank) needed to promote to the next belt level. There are 4 individual sets of requirements. Each "set" corresponds to which semester we are in.
Semester 1 (Jan/Feb/Mar) Set One
Semester 2 (Apr/May/Jun) Set Two
Semester 3 (Jul/Aug/Sep) Set Three
Semester 4 (Oct/Nov/Dec) Set Four

Included in this volume are:
• Set One (Chulgi 1, Self Defense 1-5, Front Snap Kick, Sparring Combination 1, Terminology)
• Set Two (Chulgi 2, Self Defense 1-5, Side Kick, Sparring Combination 2, Terminology)
• Recommended Red Belt (Rec Red) Form  (Bal Sek Dae)

ALSO INCLUDED: Weekly Homework Assignments.
Do these short 3-5 minute assignments 3 times per week outside of classes for rapid improvement.