Orange+ Requirements (TKD)

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This video contains the basic stance, block and strike patterns (In Nae 1-10) to promote from orange belt to orange+ belt in TKD (Orange+ is a proprietary rank in our system. It is a transitionary rank between beginner and intermediate).

Included in this video are the 10 "IN NAE" patterns. All 10 short patterns are performed at various speeds and angles. In Nae (Patience) is all about taking your time to do evedrything properly.

When performing these short patterns (each pattern repeats on the opposite side), you should be focused on creating a perfect stance, and a perfect frame for each block and strike.

You should perform each tecnique CLEANLY, CRISPLY, and CLEARLY and put SPEED, POWER and INTENSITY into each technique, as well.

These techniques are the building blocks for all forms and self-defense techniques from white belt to black belt and will be used as a reference point to teach more advanced material.

Additionally, the final beginner sparring footwork combo is included (box step #4). Learning these basic footwork patterns will lead to a better understanding of Traditional Tae Kwon Do sparring movement and prepare the practitioner for adding in the kicking, blocking, punching movements along with the footwork (intermediate/advanced levels).

All techniques personally performed by Master James Theros.