12 So Ho Yun Kwon/Xiao Hu Yan Quan (Little Flying Tiger Fist)

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This video contains the black sash Sip Pal Gi Kung Fu form So Ho Yun Kwon (Xiao Hu Yan Quan in Chinese),which translates to "Little Flying Tiger Fist."

This form is a blend of Northern Shaolin long fist Kung Fu and Northern Praying Mantis Kung Fu. It is considered one of the most important forms in our system and should only be attempted after mastering the 12 Tan Tui Roads and the beginner, intermediate and advanced forms.

The form gets its name due to the power and ferocity of the movements and so the essence of the tiger should be applied to the majority of the techniques in the form.

Multiple angles are shown and various self-defense applications are included on this video.