11 Sorim Kwon/Shaolin Quan (Shaolin Fist)

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This video contains the advanced Sip Pal Gi Kung Fu form Sorim Kwon (Shaolin Quan in Chinese),which translates to "Little Forest Fist."

This form is a pure Northern Shaolin Long Fist form and is comprised of many skills found in any traditional Northern Long Fist form. The basics of Tan Tui are used to create the pattern and it is an exciting, challenging form that will help the practitioner develop better balance and strength. The form flows from one powerful strike to another and challenges the practitioner with interesting combinations and quick turns. Several recognizable technique variations from previous forms in our system are noticeable. A great competition form with many useful self-defense applications as well.

Multiple angles are shown and various self-defense applications are included on this video.

WARNING: This is not the 2-man form "Sorim Jang Kwon" taught in the Tang Soo Do/Kang Duk Won community.