01 Tan Tei/Tan Tui (Springy Legs)

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Tan Tui is the backbone of our entire system. Learning these basic stances, blocks and strikes (and two different basic kicks) sets the stage for learning all of the empty hand forms in our system.

Tan Tui is also a complete martial arts system on its own and helps the practitioner learn how self-defense applications are used.

There are 12 different "roads" (short patterns) that comprise the Tan Tui system and, essentially, it helps the practitioner learn how to integrate the stances with the blocks, strikes and kicks, and the Tan Tuis (or variations on them) are used to create all of the forms in our system.

With a good foundation in Tan Tui, the practitioner is able to begin quickly learning and better understanding the movements used in the beginner, intermediate and advanced forms in our system. Nearly everything taught after Tan Tui refers back to Tan Tui, so it is the most important part of the system itself.

Each Tan Tui pattern is comprised of 3-5 techniques that are performed repeatedly, on both sides of the body and is a great stand-alone workout that will leave the practitioner winded and muscularly fatigued, which will help to prepare for advancing in skill in the system.